Domestic Violence Support Group


  • Individual counseling sessions with children: This support component will focus on current and past problems, experiences, feeling of the children, and behavioral problems. During counseling sessions children will be empowered to understand more about their problems and their social environment. The objective of this service is expected to increase the capacity, knowledge and skill of the children; and will also teach them how to deal with difficulties and problems they might be facing in the future. The psycho-social counseling service will enable the children to manage different situations and circumstances, adopt coping strategies, and develop problem solving skills. 


  • Mothers and children counseling sessions: An important component of the program is to enhance the mother child relationship, empowering them to work together to address and cope with domestic violence issues. This aspect of the psycho-social counseling service will enable the mothers and children to work together to manage different situations and circumstances, adopting coping strategies and problem solving skills. It will also empower the community by enabling them to handle cases of abused children and assists in children developing into responsible adults.  A trained Salvadoran psychologist will be paired with university psychology interns to train them in school and family counseling through this program.  Counseling will be provided to mothers and their children as individual family units and also through group sessions with other mothers and children to build a network of support.


  • Educational workshops for women, mothers and children:   Educational workshops are being developed and offered in collaboration with  Las Dignas, a women’s rights organization in El Salvador, which works with domestic violence issues. Our goal is to partner with this organization to provide resources and training to the women and children in the Alta Mira Flores community.


  • Training session for teachers in the school:

    The school teachers receive training to identify and work with children in the school and their mothers, to carry out the program through oversight by a licensed psychologist, MariaJosé Recinos, LPC. MariaJosé is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  MariaJosé serves as a consultant to school districts, business organizations, and the Salvadoran Consulate, conducting programs and working with immigrants on matters of  crisis management; child rearing practices; post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD); disorder of extreme stress not otherwise specified (DESNOS);  substance abuse awareness, and domestic violence. She is Salvadoran and grew up in El Salvador, living through much of the violence of the civil war.