Educational Development 


Nutritional Support

The ORC helps to provide a nutritional support for all the children attending the school.  With help from a local church delegation that volunteered to build a new kitchen to facilitate, the nutritional needs in the school are now being effectively meet.   Every child that attends this school eats at least one nutritional meal a day.  This food program is being run by local volunteers who buy, prepare, cook and serve the food to the children in the school. Through this program the children eat at least one meal a day.


Teacher Training/Counseling Workshops

Teacher training workshops are being provided to assist teachers with classroom management, teaching, reading and math for elementary grade children in a creative and culturally responsive way. The teacher are encouraged to use technology to teach, and resources are given to the school counseling for parents, teachers and children. This program has led to job creation and economic development for this community. It is a self-sustainable program as it has been designed and implemented by the local community, and will have long lasting effects that go beyond the period of support.